AB100  Heavy duty aluminum cleaner and brighter.  Not for use with polished aluminum

Buggy and Carriage Wash  Safe mild cleaner, high foaming car wash detergent

Citrus Aluminum Bright will clean and brighten unpainted aluminum without damage when used as                                 directed

FC505  Truck wash and wax.  Ok for polished aluminum

FC Ultra - 505 is a completely biodegradable natural citrus cleaner.  505 is very effective as a prespray for tough cleaning problems on aluminum, stainless steel, metal, tires, and engines.  Cleans glass, painted surfaces, and polished aluminum.

Glory  Truck wash and wax. Harmful to polished aluminum

GS Restoration  Non-hydrofluoric restoration detergent designed for glazed brick, concrete, and                                     terra cotta cleaning

Graf-Ex  Liquid stripper that removes ink, marker and graffitti from interiors, painted surfaces and                      fiberglass.  Will also remove decal adhesive, silicone caulk, and sealer from sensitive                          surfaces

Hot Stuff  Heavy duty hot water degreasing cleaner

Kitchen Hood and Vent Cleaner  Designed to clean and degrease commercial kitchens.  Removes
                                                        carbon stains, grease, oil, tar, and burnt deposits

Koil Clean

Mirror X  Aluminum and metal cleaner.  Ok for paint and polished aluminum

NMD80  New masonry detergent 80

One Restore  General restoration detergent

P400  Heavy duty truck wash and degreaser superbase

P404  Big Red - powdered truck wash

Power Brite - P100 Heavy duty truck wash and degreaser

Purple Magic  Caustic type general cleaner and degreaser

Roof n Deck cleans asphalt and fiberglass shingles

Smoke House  Kitchen hood cleaner

Stripper Cream  Thickened multilayer paint remover.  Will also remove thick black crust from Limestone

Super Descaler Concentrate  Use to descale coils and water tanks

Urine Stain Remover w/ Hydrocide  Treats tough urine stains on carpet and upholstery and
                                                             eliminates residual odor

Wash n Wax  High foaming car wash detergent.  Leaves a polymer coating to the surface which
                       enhances the shine and repels water.


Z-Lume  Cleans and restores the shine to wire, chrome and mag wheels, wheel covers, and auto                      grills.  Can also be used to clean coils and fans on air conditioners

Zep Professional Heavy-Duty Alkaline Cleaner (formally Formula 50)  Powerful Cleaner and Degreaser, Concentrate

Wicked Good Alum-Bright Aluminum Brightener

Wicked Good Hand Cleaner Moisturizing Hand Cleaner
(wall hanger available)

Wicked Good Railroad Truely Touchless Cleaner - great for truck washing and tuff jobs

Wicked Good "Orang-A-Tang"  - Heavy Duty Citrus Degreaser